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Action Step (Developer Tools) 2 Lessons

How to use External Request

Request / submit data to a third-party API providers or your own server.

How to use Javascript Function

You can code for a difficult logic instead of using a bunch of steps!

Delay Message 1 Lesson

Send delay messages via Smart Delay, Sequence, Broadcast & OTN

How to send the user a reminder for events or booking? How to make an urgent announcement or account update message?

Integration 5 Lessons

Google Sheet Integration - part 1/2

How to integrate with google sheet? How to insert / read / update a row?

Google Sheet Integration - part 2/2

How to read multiple rows? How to delete / clear rows? How to get a random row?

How to use Data Store to manage your data

How to use the built-in database in UChat? How to add / delete / search / update data?

Tencent AI Integration

What kinds of service does Tencent AI offer? Text recognition, Image analysis, Machine learning, and etc. There are more to expect...

Dialogflow Integration

How to build AI-powered FAQs for your bot? Make it a TRUE conversation!

Ecommerce System 2 Lessons

Stripe Integration

Connect a Stripe account to receive payments from your clients.

The built-in Ecommerce System

How to use the ecommerce system in UChat? How to manage your products, coupons, carts and orders?

Mini-apps 1 Lesson

How to create Mini-Apps

What is Mini-App in UChat? How to create your own Mini-Apps or download others' Mini-Apps?