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Course Structure

Introduction of UChat Platform 3 Lessons

How does UChat Work? 3 Steps to Make a Bot (How to Setup a Facebook Bot)

How to create a bot in simply 3 steps with the Facebook bot as the example.

Manage Your Account

What's the differences between account and user? How to create new accounts, switch between them and invite new members to them?

Flow Builder Overview

What are publish and draft version? How to use the flow builder? What types of steps are there?

How to Setup a Bot? (7 Channels) 6 Lessons

Setup Voice & SMS Flow

How to get and add phone numbers for your voice / SMS bot?

Google My Business Flow Demo

The "Setup Google My Business Bot" video is COMING SOON ... Take a look of the demo to get a general idea of this flow.

Action Step(Basic Actions) 5 Lessons

How to use Tag

How to create tags? How to add tags to / remove tags from a user.

How to use Sequence

How to create / edit sequences? How to subscribe / unsubscribe a user to / from sequences?

How to operate Variables (Custom Fields)

What are user fields and bot fields? How to create / edit / read variables?

How to operate JSON Variables?

How to create / edit / read JSON variables?

Condition Step 1 Lesson

How to use Condition Step in the flow

What types of conditions are there?

Other General Operations (Basic) 3 Lessons

How to use Canvas?

How does canvas help with the flow organization?

How to use Sub Flow

How does sub flow help with the flow organization?

Live chat & Talk to Human

How to use live chat? How to build a "Talk to Human" function for your users?