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Course Structure

Tools & Automation in Facebook Flow 6 Lessons

How to use Widgets

What types of widgets are there? How to use them?

Auto Reply to Comments on your Posts

Set keywords and conditions, then the bot can reply to or like a comment on your page posts automatically!

How to use Facebook One-Time Notification

What is OTN? How does it works?

Greeting Text & Ice Breakers

Show greeting text before users start the conversation. Provide users with several popular quick replies as ice breakers.

How to set Persona

How to create personas? How to switch from the bot to a persona?

How to set Dynamic User Menu

Use dynamic user menu to provide another set of menu buttons!

General Tools & Automation 5 Lessons

How to use Keywords

Pre-set some keywords to make a smarter bot.

How to use Broadcast

Send out messages to all users or a group of users by setting conditions.

How to use Multi-Language

Want your bot to speak another language? Check about the Multi-Language feature!

Sub Flow Type - Workflow & Function Flow

What are the differences among the 3 types of Sub Flow? When to use them?

How to use Trigger

What can a trigger do? What types of trigger are there?

Integration 3 Lessons

Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack to send messages to channels or persons.

Email Integration

Integrate with one of the three email services to send email notifications or send full email with Send Email Step.

MailChimp Integration

Integrate with MailChimp to manage your clients!

Action Step 1 Lesson

How to Send Notifications

Send Slack, email, SMS notifications or make a phone call.