Automate your business without coding

Collect leads, Drive sales & engaged prospects through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Business Messenger, SMS, Voice, Slack, Telegram, Wechat, etc

Engage with customer across channels

Provide your customers with on-the-go access to your business via all their favorite social media messaging channels.

Facebook Messenger

Connect with Messenger user in real time to grow your audience.


Reach your audience through Whatsapp with our drag & drop flow builder.

Google Business Messenger

UChat is one of the first platform to have a bot for Google Business Messenger.

Voice Flow

Make, receive and automate your business calls. Reduce cost and improve efficiency with our IVRs, 2 way phone calls, even take payment through phone calls.

SMS Channel

Keep customers engaged and informed with SMS, Reach your target audience worldwide and increase conversion and service.


Build smart chatbot in one of the most popular social media platform in China.


Streamline office workflow to boost team productivity. 


Reach your customer through Telegram channel. 


Build your first instagram chatbot, story mention trigger, comment growth tools & DM replies.


Reach your customer through Line channel. 


Build your first viber chatbot, automate your business without coding.

Automate your business without coding.

UChat is the leading bot-building platform for your business. Our drag-and-drop builder and smart integrations make it easy to connect with customers, automate marketing, lead generation, support, and more.


What they say

“UChat makes workflow simple, modular and structured. Thanks to deep and effective integrations, each channel finds its own communication paradigm for automation.”

Luciano Zambito

“I know this platform has got so much potential, and in fact, I’ve been bold enough to state that this platform is going to go ahead leaps and bounds because of the functionality within it.”

Hilton Davidow – Conversational Developer

Here is why UChat is right for you

Build stronger connection with your audience, get high conversion rates, capture leads, and offer real-time support

Multiple Channels conversation

Reach your customer where they are, UChat offer the most channels in the market.

Visual flow builder

Build chatbot quick and easy with our drag & drop flow builder without coding.

Smart A.I chatbots

AI-powered chatbots help engaged with your visitors instantly, 24/7, powered by Dialogflow.

Quick start template

Start building your chatbot by importing templates from our template collection.


Integrate with Stripe, Google Sheet, Mailchimp, Gmail, Shopify, Sendgrid, Zapier, etc, expand connection through our “mini-apps”

Developer friendly

Build advanced chatbot with our support of database, external request, javascript function, JSON custom field & JSON actions.

Intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder

Seamless human take over

Instantly notification & smooth transfer to human agent, save time & increase productivity with help of our inbox feature.

Drag & Drop flow builder

Simply drag the lines to connect with different components, it will be like painting when building chatbots with UChat.

Visual Logic

You can set up keywords triggered, sequence automation, and bring subscribers in through our powerful growth tools.


You can set up keywords triggered, sequence automation, and bring subscribers in through our powerful growth tools.

Advanced Building blocks

With send message, question, action, condition, split, Goto, send email module, you can skyrocket your chatbot.

Powerful automations

You can set up keywords triggered, sequence automation, and bring subscribers in through our powerful growth tools.

Integrate with the tools you love

You can integrate with 3rd party through our Zapier integration or our “mini-app” store, more integration coming every week.

Connect your apps and automate your workflow through our Zapier integration.

Connect to your Shopify store through all the channels we support.

Connect your Gmail account, and then use send email action or receive email notification.

Build SMS, Voice, Whatsapp chatbot through our Twilio integration.

Integrate with Zoho CRM platfrom. You can easily add & sync contacts to Zoho. 

Development in progress, you will be able to connect through our Integromat app soon.

Collect payment in your ecommerce store through Stripe.

You can connect Sendgrid, and then send email through Sendgrid in your flow builder.

Build Whatsapp chatbot through our 360Dialog integration.

Install our mini-app to detect language and translate the language.

Development in progress, you will be able to connect through Pabbly Connect soon.

Build A.I Powered smart chatbot through our Dialogflow integration.

We integrate directly with mailchimp, you can add contacts directly to mailchimp.

Build SMS chatbot, Voice chatbot with our SingalWire integration.

Install our mini-app to generate lifelike voice over across all the channels.

Development in progress, you will be able to connect through integrately soon.

Use Google Sheet as database, you can add, delete, search etc right in the flow builder.

Connect with any email provider through our SMTP integration.

Build SMS chatbot with our Message Media integration easily.

Streamline office workflow to boost team productivity & receive notification in slack.

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