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How to build chatbots your customers will love

There is no real guideline when it comes to creating the ultimate chatbot. Each chatbot builder has its own style of building a chatbot.

However, there are a few things to take into account when it comes to providing a smooth, engaging, and interactive experience for your users.

With UChat you can build any kind of chatbot that you like across over 11 different channels. Feature-wise you will also find you can pretty much do anything you like to, but giving that extra touch is something that is not native to any platform.

In this article, we are going to give you some great tips to create chatbots that will lead to more engagement from your users, and in turn, will lead to more sales as well.

So let’s get started!

Understand the channel you are interacting on

Since chatbots have come a long way from just messaging people to being able to create complete business automations, it is important that you understand how to use each of the channels. This will improve customer experience and in turn, it will lead to more sales since the relationship is valued more by your customers.

With UChat you can communicate with your customers over 11 channels but inside each channel, you can even create advanced email campaigns as well.

Although some things should be obvious, we still see a lot of mistakes being made in using the channels properly. So let’s give you some more insights into how to interact with your customers in each kind of channel

Chat channels

We often see that chat channels like Messenger are being abused by sending huge amounts of messages to people. That will result in something like this;

Looks like an email campaign but inside of Messenger

You can see how long this single message is right?

Imagine you want to send a business a message and the first thing you would get is such a long reply. For me personally, it comes over as a newsletter inside of a conversational channel above all else.

So how could you make this a more interactive and fun experience for your user?

Break this up into a conversation-based setup instead.

Welcome the user first, then ask him or her a question like you would in a real conversation. So that could look something like this;

Right away you will notice how much more engaging this is to a user messaging your Facebook page. They get to see a little intro and then get asked a question to start the interactive conversation. They can choose one of the answers of free type since UChat will still pick up the reply if it matches somewhat to the options given.

From here the conversation can continue any way you like. But being able to provide this kind of engagement where the interaction is actually a conversation like the channel is intended for, will improve the customer’s experience with your business.

This goes for all the chat channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, etc. Be sure to create the expected experience for users, in this case, a conversation, to improve your user’s experience.

Voice channels

With UChat you can also create really advanced voice chatbots. It can help with customer service-related questions, but also allows you to collect payments as well. Pretty mind-blowing to be able to achieve this inside of a voice channel but this will require a different approach as opposed to chat channels of course.

Option based menu

With a voice channel, you will need to set up an option-based chatbot. The chatbot will send a voice message (either generated by AI or upload your own voice clips for this), and then give the user a menu to choose from.

That looks something like this;

It will be more a to-the-point conversation where you give the user direct instructions to follow. But again the point is to make it an interactive experience just like it would normally be when being on a phone call.

With UChat there are plenty of other options to choose from when it comes to creating a voice chatbot. So if you want to experience this, then be sure to sign up for a free here.

SMS chatbots

SMS chatbots are meant to be mainly be short notifcation messages to get your subscribers back into your main channels like Messenger and such. But you can create complete chatbots on this channel with UChat.

SMS channel is great in the sense it has amazing open rates. Over 90% will make sure that as long as you are not abusing the channel you will always have a way to reach your customer.


Inside of UChat you have the ability to send advanced email campaigns as well. You can do this directly inside of any of the available channels since there is not a separate one yet to use. As long as you have captured the user’s email you can set up the most amazing email campaigns directly inside the chatbot.

No need to use a ESP like ActiveCampaigns since all the logic can be set up inside of UChat directly. Let me share such an advanced email funnel with you;

As you can see you can set up reall advanced email campaigns directly inside your chatbot with UChat. You have all kinds of conditions you can utilize like

  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Delivered
  • Sent

This will help you to set up follow up emails and customize them depending on the user’s interaction or lack of.

Emails should be used for long pieces of content and newsletters. It is easier to consume this kind of information in an email than in a Messenger conversation for example, as we have seen in the very first screenshot above.

Final thoughts

Being able to understand the difference between the channels and using them as they are meant to be used will improve your relationship with your customer.

In short don’t use channels like Messenger to send newsletters, but instead create a conversation (interaction) that will be seen as an engaging experience. And don’t use emails to start conversations, but use that for your longer pieces of content and or newsletters.

SMS should be used for short notifications or option based chatbots.

If you understand and execute these principles you will know see that without a doubt that the conversions inside the chatbot will increase and you will be able to convert leads into customers more easily.

If you want to experience the full set of features that UChat has to offer you can sign up for our free full access 14-day trial here.

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