How to Use Chatbots to Improve Customer Self Service?

How to Use Chatbots to Improve Customer Self Service? 

Customer self-service is now becoming the cornerstone of every business. It allows them to interact and provide virtual support to their customers without having someone from the team answer the queries. Typically, these are FAQs, tutorial or demo videos, knowledge base content, and community forum. But aside from these, many companies are using chatbots to provide further assistance to their customers. 

Chatbots are intelligent virtual assistants that can help customers with their queries and solve problems easily. This is done by making it easier for clients to interact with the website or an app. They provide information about products, answer questions, provide information about the company, and even perform transactions.

But before you jump on the bandwagon of technology adoption for your company, it is important to know first the basics. This article will explore how chatbots work and why they are effective in improving your customer self-service.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-powered virtual assistants that take on the role of an online customer service representative, e-commerce assistant, or virtual personal assistant. They are built to respond to questions and commands in a natural language just like a human would. They can be used to automate tasks and carry out conversations with people on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. The primary objective of chatbots is to provide an easy way for customers to interact with different services. 

Why are Chatbots Great in Improving Customer Self Service? 

Chatbots are a game-changer in the field of customer self-service. They provide a sense of immediacy and ease that is unmatched by other customer self-service methods. They can be personalized and easily understood to suit the needs of the individual who has contacted the chatbot. Plus they can be used to develop personalized and engaging conversations between customers and services.

In addition, chatbots make available a wide variety of customer support options which include websites, mobile apps, automated thank-you messages, etc. Unlike the conventional face-to-face solutions or telephone service discussions, customers love chatting with chatbots because they feel like interacting with people. They are more engaging unlike other types of customer self-service that have no conversation at all.

But if you opt to use chatbots, it is best to find reliable software that would allow you to automate and create intuitive chatbots. If your software is not good enough, then using chatbots in your business will never be effective and efficient. What I highly recommend to you is to use UChat. This tool lets you build and automate your chatbots without coding. You can easily collect leads and engage with your prospects through messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and more.

How to Build a Chatbot in Uchat? 

When it comes to bot-building, UChat is the best partner you could ever have. This is easy to use and does not require any coding. To start building your first chatbot, just follow the step-by-step tutorial I provided below.

  1. Create an account in UChat
  2. Once logged in, go to the left side of your dashboard and select Bots. Then, select Facebook.

  1. Click the button to connect Facebook page and Instagram.

  1. Click the button to continue as you. 

  1. Then, tick the box to select all the pages you want to use with UChat. Once done, click on the Next button. 

  1. Click on the Done button. 

  1. Click the button once again to finish.

  1. When you are back to UChat, click on the Create button under Facebook bot.

  1. Here, you need to select your template. As you can see, there are pre-built templates available that you can use. But for this example, I used the blank template. Thus, click on the button inside it to start building your flow. 

  1. Enter the Flow Name in the box. You can also provide a description if you want. Once done, click on the Create Flow button. 

  1. Click on Open Flow

  1. This is your workspace. You use its drag-and-drop editor to build your bots. 

  1. Click on the Start point. Then, click the button to select a new step.

  1. Select Send Message

  1. Click the button below to create your message. Once you are done creating your message, click the button to publish it. 

  1. Then, click on Preview.

  1. Click Open the flow in Messenger

  1. Inside the Messenger, click on the Get Started button to start the conversation.

  1. Upon clicking, the bot will instantly reply in the conversation. The message that will show is based on the message you created a while ago. 

Final Thought

Chatbots are one of the most innovative ways to automate customer service. It helps you to save time and money. It reduces the cost of customer service yet it increases the quality of service delivery.

Since they are AI-powered, they use natural language so they can interact and communicate just like humans. The best part about chatbots is that they are always on, meaning you can provide support anytime. Its benefits are endless and can be used for many purposes including customer service, human resources, and business management.

With the help of UChat, you can automate your bots for your social media accounts.  You can connect Facebook, Instagram, and many more so you can assist all your customers on these platforms. The process of connecting these platforms with UChat is easy as well.

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